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Over the past decade, Harry Chinchinian has written and illustrated several book series including the pathologist mystery series; his children’s collection; and a two-volume biography of childhood starting in Troy, New York, to his current home in the Pacific Northwest.

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Two More Enjoyable Tales

Tale three “Return to the Scary Forest” has Isabelle rescuing a friend again from the ogre Goor-Goor. Tale four “Fighting the Evil Count” has Sam and his friends saving the kingdom.


Two Enjoyable Tales

Tale one “The Princess and the Problem” has Isabelle baffling an ogre. Tale two “The Dignified Dragon and the Proud Prince” has Sam teaching a thief a lesson.


Murder in the Mountains: Mystery

Revised edition of the 1997 version. Hank Whipple, a medical doctor, heads to snowy McCall, Idaho, to investigate a death. Then, another death closely follows. His autopsies give clues of what happened. But there is more to do and know before these mysteries are solved.


Har-Kyle and the Battle for Bargar

Science fiction that meshes primitive and futuristic cultures. Although Har-Kyle, the Squadron Leader, had simple orders to follow in Bargar county, he messed up badly and the price to be paid could be deadly with the Beast Men capturing him.


Holly Brown and the Dragon Dingle Continuing Adventures: Special Edition

The gentle dragon Dingle and 8-year-old Holly take a trip south across the warm ocean to “Vacation Island,” where they run into mean pirates, cloned monsters, and the one-and-only Evil K. Kanoodle.


Holly Brown and the Dragon Dingle (1st Edition)

Enter the delightful world of the gentle dragon who grew up with dinosaurs and of the 8-year-old who didn’t ever want Dingle to change.


Pathologist In Peril

Dr. Hank Whipple was in it deeper than ever. He’d better do something and something fast. But what could a pathologist in peril do to clear himself of murder?


Pathologist On Call

Pathologist Hank Whipple is back again, just doing his job as he unravels another mystery before the reader’s eyes in the midst of family and friends.


Pathologist In Training

The newest in the series of hospital mysteries. Murders—mixed with corporate crime, hospital politics, pathology and psychiatry training—reveal the wonders of science and human nature at its worst.


The Princess and the Beggar

In the splittest of split seconds, a beautiful princess and a musical beggar fall in love. But the dreadful thought of being ZIGGLED AND TWIGGLED haunts the kingdom.


The Princess and the Beggar II

Another fantasy drama about the musical beggar and his lovely princess Gwyn-a-cheri who lived in the greatest stone castle that was far, far away on top of the highest hill. Color illustrations.


Beware of the Drifters

Could Marjorie be reprogrammed? Or was she also a drifter? Her independent thoughts and curiosity lead her to seek the answer in this futuristic adventure.


Immigrant Son I: An Armenian Boyhood

A collection of childhood memories from the son of Armenian immigrants who settled in America. Warm, loving vignettes mixed with humor and heartache.


Immigrant Son II: Refusing to Grow Up

Once again, as in Book One, the author recalls experiences, ambitions, and people through his illustrations and humor. More fun and inspirational stories from the son of Armenian immigrants.

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